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CellGain Fiber-to-Antenna System (FTAS) is a next-generation, fiber-based, multi-band in-building wireless solution platform for Public Safety Communications.

Engineered from decades of experience with modularity and control in mind, the CellGain FTAS saves up to 80% in installation time and costs and 70% in space while delivering superior performance, efficiency, and manageability.

System Diagram


  • Compact and simple to install
  • No expensive and hard-to-install coaxial cable and associated hardware
  • Can share infrastructure with commercial DAS or data center fiber links
  • No need for expense and bulky conduit with the use of armored composite fiber
  • Centrally-fed low power to save space & energy
  • Remote management and control with NMS 
  • Modular and scalable for changing space and frequency needs


  • Optimize coverage with independent power control per band per antenna
  • Improve signal quality for gain, squelch, and interference
  • Multiple bands per unit without inter-band interference
  • Maintain clear and constant-level signals with minimal Near-Far effects
  • Mitigate uplink noise
  • Wide spurious-free dynamic range
  • Low noise figure and high IP3 to eliminate distortion


  • Approved by multiple agencies
  • Proven to support all Public Safety and land mobile Radio (LMR) communications
  • Multi-level redundancy for reliability
  • Hardened for demanding environments like subway tunnels
  • Full network visibility and monitoring with NMS ready for NOC
  • Proven saving in costs, time, labor, space, and energy
  • Platform adaptable to changing needs via software configuration

FTAS Active Remote (AR)

The FTAS-AR is designed to take the space of a single 2×2 ceiling tile.

Save Time, Costs, Space & Energy

  • Simple to install, manage, and operate
  • No coax and conduit with armored composite fiber
  • Compact size and high density
  • Centrally-fed low power

Deliver Superior Performance

  • Optimize coverage with programmable output power
  • Automatic control per band for gain, level, squelch
  • Minimize noise, distortion and inter-band interference
  • Wide spurious-free dynamic range

Address Most Stringent Public Safety Needs

  • Engineered for critical communications
  • Designed for resiliency with redundancy
  • Multi-band support across Public Safety and LMR bands

Adapt to Changing Requirements

  • Modular and scalable design
  • Software adjustment for frequency addition/change
  • Engineered to adjust to variations in environment

FTAS Network Management System

FTAS Network Management System (FTAS-NMS) is the command center for the entire DAS network.  With a full view of the DAS network and its components, FTAS NMS provides at a glance the current health status of the network, notifies staff when attention is needed before impacting users, and makes adjustments to individual elements to optimize performance. 

Authorized users can access NMS data and received notifications over mobile devices additional to NOC terminals.

As the network expands or changes, FTAS-NMS can remotely reconfigure the network and elements to add/change supported frequencies and upgrade network software.

All FTAS active products and components are equipped with element management capabilities, controlled centrally via FTAS NMS, via web interface.

A trusted in-building wireless expert specializing in public safety communications for public and commercial infrastructures, CellGain Wireless provides turnkey solutions, consulting and integration services, and next-generation fiber-to-antenna DAS products to deliver performance, speed, and efficiency for your wireless communications with confidence.

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